A young boy sitting at a table with an open laptop, writting while listening to headphones.
Living through the coronavirus pandemic has taught us to appreciate how we can stay connected and active even if we can’t leave the house.

Activities to try at home

Today might be a great day to try something new. Here are some ideas if you’re at home and looking for something fun to do.

Keep a diary

Write about your experience of living through these times. Are you enjoying any new activities, or spending time with family members? Is there anything you don’t like, or that makes you feel frustrated? What are you missing? You will have this to look back on in years to come – and others might enjoy learning about your experience too!

Get Crafty

Add a splash of colour to your day by trying out some next arts and crafts! Perhaps you can paint a picture, make a handmade card or follow live online tutorials for example on the Art Zone social media pages, or on the Don Conroy YouTube channel.

Get your yoga on

If we are feeling any anxiety or stress, yoga can help us to slow down and feel calm. The postures can be practised almost anywhere. If you need help getting started, there are lots of tutorial videos online for different age groups.  This is something the whole family can join in.

Games Night

Get the whole family involved and take turns choosing everyone’s favourite board games, or try a game of cards.

Where in the world

Where would you love to travel to when all this is over or in the future when you are older? Try learn a new word from that country’s language every day, by researching online or even borrowing a book online from your local library.

Play a game using social media with your friends

You may not be near your friends but you can still play and interact with each other.

If you both have the same board game, perhaps you could set up a video call so that you can both play by each making your move on your board in your own home.

If you would like to play a game which only one of you have, then perhaps that person can make moves for both of you on their board.

This can be a fun way to keep in touch with your friends while staying safe apart.

Join a challenge

Lots of clubs around the county are developing club challenges to stay connected with each other and motivate each other to keep some practice going.

If you are a member of a club, maybe it has started a challenge? Better still, maybe you could begin one with your friends and share your progress.

This could be anything from a challenge to run a marathon around your garden, to setting up an obstacle course, to reading a new book every day.

Record a song

Can you write a hit? Why not use this time to write a song and record it using a phone app, or other technology.

You could even challenge your family members or friends to record a tune too and start your very own charts.

Enjoy the outdoors

If you have a garden, a balcony or a window space which gets some sunshine, perhaps you could plant some flowers or vegetable seeds which you can look after? A parent or carer may be able to help you get growing!

Quiz night

Lots of different social media programmes can help you set up a quiz night with your family or friends online. Your parent or carer may be able to help you get started. Take turns being the quiz master who makes up and asks the questions.

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