7 things you should know when going to a festival!

Attending a summer festival is a rite of passage for most young people and can be an really exciting time. Here's what you need to know...
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How to recover from an embarrassing social situation

Embarrassing moments happen to EVERYONE so don't ever feel alone. The most important thing is how you recover from the situation!
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How to build healthy friendships and relationships

Relationships can be amazing when they are healthy but if they become unhealthy, they can be complicated and stressful.
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How to handle traditional or ‘offline’ bullying

A lot has been written about cyberbullying in recent years but traditional or 'offline' bullying is still just as prevalent.
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What to do if your classmate or friend is being bullied

Have you ever seen someone being bullied but were worried that you’d become a target if you said something to a teacher or adult?
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best friends

How to get past a fight with your best friend

Being best friends with someone means that you’ll sometimes disagree on certain things and maybe even have a fight about them.
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How to deal with a brother or sister who bullies you

If you're living with a brother or sister who bullies you, it can make life very difficult. Here are a few things you can do.
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What’s the difference between social anxiety and being an introvert?

They may seem similar but there is a big difference between someone who is an introvert and someone who experiences social anxiety
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childline listening

What happens when I get in touch with Childline Listening?

Childline Listening and Childline Digital Supports are just two of the services provided by
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5 simple ways to be a better listener

Everybody wants to be heard. Follow these five, simple steps in order to become a better, more active listener.
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golden rules

The Five Golden Rules of helping someone with anxiety issues

It's not always easy to know what to say to someone who is extremely anxious but these five golden rules will help a lot.
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How to know when to break up with a friend

Things change and if you or your friend don’t seem as invested in the friendship, it's worth thinking about how much you want it to continue.
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