How to set boundaries in different areas of your life
Setting boundaries isn't easy but it's a great skill to have as you navigate life - be it with family, friends or on social media
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What’s the difference between love and limerence?
Limerence is not just a crush - it's a state of romantic infatuation or obsession that can negatively impact your whole life
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A close-up of a teenagers closed left eye with vertical stripes of coloured eyeshadow blue, purple, white, purple and blue.
What to do if your loved ones don’t accept your gender identity
Telling your loved ones about your gender identity can be emotional. Here's what to do if they find it hard to accept who you are
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A close-up of a young girl with long brown hair, wearing glasses looking straight ahead and smiling.
What happens when I get in touch with Childline?
The Childline 24-Hour Support Line is one of the services provided by the ISPCC and is available for all young people, aged 18 years and younger.
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A teenage girl with long hair resting her head to the side in her hand.
Why it’s okay to have mixed feelings about the idea of sex
Having mixed feelings about your sexuality or the thought of having sex is normal. Don't apologise for taking your time to figure things out.
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A close-up of a teenage boy face, lying in a bath with his eyes closed and his hair submerged in water,
What are Wet Dreams?
It is natural to have questions about sexual activity and nocturnal emissions or 'wet dreams' are a normal part of growing up
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A young woman and man lying face to face on the ground.
How to know when you’re ready to have sex
Deciding to have sex is not a decision to be taken lightly and it's perfectly natural not to feel sure if you're ready for it yet
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A white sign with black writing on the side of a building saying "you're not lost you're here".
Childline’s 24 Hour Support Line and Other Services Explained
What exactly is Childline's 24 Hour Support Line and what other services do you provide for children and families?
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A young girl holding the pride flag.
What exactly does Sexuality mean?
Sexuality (or sexual orientations) is a person's identity in relation to the gender or genders to which they are typically attracted.
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Close-up of a two friends hands with a thumb and fingers of each hand making the shape of a heart.
How to build healthy friendships and relationships
Relationships can be amazing when they are healthy but if they become unhealthy, they can be complicated and stressful.
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Different coloured letter blocks spelling out "nonbinary".
What does it mean to be Non-Binary?
Non-binary is a term that helps give voice to a diverse range of gender identities - not just the gender binary of male and female
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A teenage girl sits side profile holding a make-up mirror and applying blusher to her cheek.
The negative impact of photo editing on body image issues
The editing of photos on social media can lead us to believe that unrealistic beauty standards are what we should aspire to have.
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