In Ireland you must be over the age of 17 to legally give sexual consent.
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Young black teenager

I think I may be pregnant

If you feel you may be pregnant, it can be a stressful and worrying time.
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Upset young teenage girl

Pregnancy: My rights and options

When you find out you are pregnant, you might wonder about your options and what support is available to you.
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Baby feet

Having a baby

Expecting a baby can be both an exciting and worrying time.
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Gender Identity

Gender Identity

When we talk about gender identity, we refer to our deeply felt experience of our own gender.
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Hands in shape of heart


Your sexuality is who you are sexually or romantically attracted to.
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Finding out that you are pregnant, or going to be a father, can be a scary time in your life.
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Sex and consent

There are a number of things that are important to consider before having sex.
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Experiences as LQBTI young person

What are relationships?

We all have different kinds of relationships from very early in our lives.
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coping with breakup

Coping with a break-up

Not all relationships last forever. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. Often, no-one is to blame.
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Sexting is when you send or receive a message, photo or video that has sexual content in it.
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gender identity

Sexual and gender identity

Our individual sexual and gender identities are part of what makes us all unique.
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