How to set boundaries in different areas of your life
Setting boundaries isn't easy but it's a great skill to have as you navigate life - be it with family, friends or on social media
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pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder
What is Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder? (PMDD)
Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder is often described as 'severe PMS' but it's a medical condition that requires attention and treatment
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What’s the difference between love and limerence?
Limerence is not just a crush - it's a state of romantic infatuation or obsession that can negatively impact your whole life
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A close-up of a young girl with long brown hair, wearing glasses looking straight ahead and smiling.
What happens when I get in touch with Childline?
The Childline 24-Hour Support Line is one of the services provided by the ISPCC and is available for all young people, aged 18 years and younger.
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intrusive thoughts
What are Intrusive Thoughts?
Intrusive thoughts are strange or disturbing thoughts that can pop into our heads without warning, at any time.
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A teenage girls reflected in a section of mirror above her head.
What happens when YOU are the biggest bully in your life
Bullying is a traumatising experience for anyone who has been through it. But what
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A cardboard egg carton with eggs showing different facial expressions such as worry, laughter and a frown drawn with a black marker.
3 ways to stop worrying about what people think of you
Overthinking and worrying about what other people think of us is something we all
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Deflated yellow smiley face balloon lying on the ground.
What to do if you feel sad or stressed all the time
Life can be difficult but if you feel like you're constantly stressed or sad and don't know why, there are things you can do.
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A girl wearing headphones smiling and waving at her laptop screen.
6 Tips for Beating the January Blues
If you’ve been feeling anxious, here are a few things that might help ease the knot in your stomach.
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A branch with green leaves, the top of a gold pen and two notebooks. One notebook has the words "today I am grateful" written on it.
5 health benefits of practicing gratitude you may not know about
We all know that we should practice gratitude but are you aware that there are serious health benefits associated with it?
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Silhouette of a teenage boy with his hoodie pulled up over his head set against a faded purple haze background.
Warning signs and risk factors associated with Suicide
Suicide can be a scary topic to talk about but it's important to know the warning signs and risk factors in order to help.
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A white sign with black writing on the side of a building saying "you're not lost you're here".
Childline’s 24 Hour Support Line and Other Services Explained
What exactly is Childline's 24 Hour Support Line and what other services do you provide for children and families?
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