Never give up on a child. Ever.

Childline Online is for young people up to the age of 18. If you want to chat to us live please click on  the 'Chat to us' button. If you have been affected by bullying you may access support by texting the word ‘Bully’ to 50101 . You may also contact Teentext by texting 'Talk' to 50101. These services are available from 10am to 4am every day.
Would you like to share your views of the Childline or Teentxt service with us?
Hi there! Here in the ISPCC we believe that your opinion is important. We would really like your views on our Childline & Teentxt services, You can let us know what you think of our services by logging on to Viewpoint...
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Be Strong Online
Vodafone Ireland Foundation in partnership with ISPCC Childline have created a range of supports to help you to BeStrong Online. You can download the free help information here