A close-up of a young girl with long brown hair, wearing glasses looking straight ahead and smiling.
What happens when I get in touch with Childline?
The Childline 24-Hour Support Line is one of the services provided by the ISPCC and is available for all young people, aged 18 years and younger.
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A white sign with black writing on the side of a building saying "you're not lost you're here".
Childline’s 24 Hour Support Line and Other Services Explained
What exactly is Childline's 24 Hour Support Line and what other services do you provide for children and families?
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An empty classroom with pupils desks, chairs, a teacher's desk and chair and a blackboard.
Worried about going back to school? Here are 6 things that will help
Many people have mixed feelings about going back to school - and some absolutely dread it. Here are a few things that may make it easier.
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Mug with pencils and highlighters, an apple, school books with a pair of glasses on top and a surgical mask lying against them.
5 ways to cope with going ‘back to school’ after the holidays
If you’re feeling down after the holidays or are worried about being back at school, there are a few things you can do.
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Two teenage girls sitting at a table outside doing their homework.
11 tips to help you prepare for your exams
Exams are an unfortunate but very real part of academic life but there are ways you can prepare for them to reduce your stress.
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Two teenage girls lying on the bonnet of a ford truck laughing with their hair hanging over the edge.
5 simple ways to be a better listener
Everybody wants to be heard. Follow these five, simple steps in order to become a better, more active listener.
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Two teenage girls sitting by the side of a lake or river facing in the direction of mountains in the distance.
The Five Golden Rules of helping someone with anxiety issues
It's not always easy to know what to say to someone who is extremely anxious but these five golden rules will help a lot.
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A teenage girl lying on her bed supporting her head with one hand and holding her book with the other while she is reading.
What to do if your parents’ expectations are stressing you out
It's not always easy but there are ways to balance the expectations of a parent or carer while pursuing your own path.
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A teenage girl sitting on her own in an empty classroom with her arms folded across an open book.
4 great tips for your first week in secondary school
Starting secondary school can feel like a daunting or scary time but there are things you can do to feel more relaxed about the change.
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A close-up of a teenage boy gazing downwards.
Not sure how to ask for help? Here’s what to do
We all need help sometimes but it's not always easy knowing who we can turn to for help. Here are a few tips on the best way to get support.
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A teenage girl sitting on her bed throwing her head back with her books tossed in the air around her.
6 Tips for Coping with Exam Stress
Top tips for students sitting the Junior Certificate or Leaving Certificate exams.
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Teenage girl smiling dressed in her school uniform with a group of teenagers blurred in the background.
Top Tips for Going Back to School
You might be feeling lots of different emotions as you get back to the school routine.
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