How to set boundaries in different areas of your life
Setting boundaries isn't easy but it's a great skill to have as you navigate life - be it with family, friends or on social media
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A close-up of a teenagers closed left eye with vertical stripes of coloured eyeshadow blue, purple, white, purple and blue.
What to do if your loved ones don’t accept your gender identity
Telling your loved ones about your gender identity can be emotional. Here's what to do if they find it hard to accept who you are
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A close-up of a young girl with long brown hair, wearing glasses looking straight ahead and smiling.
What happens when I get in touch with Childline?
The Childline 24-Hour Support Line is one of the services provided by the ISPCC and is available for all young people, aged 18 years and younger.
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Teenage boy looking sad sitting on the dock at a harbour.
How to cope with toxic family members at Christmas
TV and films like to sell us a fairytale at Christmas but in reality, toxic family members can have a big effect on your holiday.
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Silhouette of a teenage boy with his hoodie pulled up over his head set against a faded purple haze background.
Warning signs and risk factors associated with Suicide
Suicide can be a scary topic to talk about but it's important to know the warning signs and risk factors in order to help.
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A white sign with black writing on the side of a building saying "you're not lost you're here".
Childline’s 24 Hour Support Line and Other Services Explained
What exactly is Childline's 24 Hour Support Line and what other services do you provide for children and families?
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A teenage girl sitting on steps, her knees are bent and she is resting head in her arms leaning across her knees.
Why it’s best to TALK to someone if you have suicidal thoughts
If you're having suicidal thoughts, the best thing you can do is talk to someone about how you're feeling. Childline is here for you, always.
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A multi-generational family photo showing grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.
How to manage family relationships
Family relationships can be tricky to navigate because families come in lots of different shapes and sizes and each one is entirely unique.
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Close-up of sad brown eyes looking in to the distance.
What to do if you live with someone who has depression
Living with depression is difficult but living with someone who has depression can also be a very challenging experience
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A young boy sitting against a wall with a sad, worried expression in his face looking off into the distance.
What is sexual abuse?
Sexual abuse or molestation is where a child or young person is used for the sexual stimulation of an adult or older adolescent.
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Two young girls standing out on an apartment balcony in a city centre.
What it’s really like to live in Foster Care
There are many misconceptions of what it's like to live in foster care. Here is a young person's account of what it's really like.
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A young couple walking together in the sunset linking little fingers.
13 relationship red flags everyone should know about
If you've never had a healthy relationship, it can be difficult to know what an unhealthy one looks like. Here are a few guidelines...
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