suicidal thoughts

Why it’s best to TALK to someone if you have suicidal thoughts

If you're having suicidal thoughts, the best thing you can do is talk to someone about how you're feeling. Childline is here for you, always.
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risk factors

Warning signs and risk factors associated with Suicide

Suicide can be a scary topic to talk about but it's important to know the warning signs and risk factors in order to help.
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family relationships

How to manage family relationships

Family relationships can be tricky to navigate because families come in lots of different shapes and sizes and each one is entirely unique.
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What to do if you live with someone who has depression

Living with depression is difficult but living with someone who has depression can also be a very challenging experience
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How to cope with toxic family members at Christmas

TV and films like to sell us a fairytale at Christmas but in reality, toxic family members can have a big effect on your holiday.
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loved ones

What to do if your loved ones don’t accept your gender identity

Telling your loved ones about your gender identity can be emotional. Here's what to do if they find it hard to accept who you are
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What it’s really like to live in Foster Care

There are many misconceptions of what it's like to live in foster care. Here is a young person's account of what it's really like.
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13 relationship red flags everyone should know about

If you've never had a healthy relationship, it can be difficult to know what an unhealthy one looks like. Here are a few guidelines...
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7 great reasons to have a pet

Having a pet is fun but it’s also hard work so if you’re asking for one, make sure you really want it and are prepared to look after it!
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5 reasons why you should give your parents a break!

Your parents aren't perfect but they love and want the best for you so it's good to give them a break every now and again!
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8 things to do when you feel overwhelmed at home

It's okay not to get on with your family all day every day and if you're feeling overwhelmed, there are things you can do to feel better
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5 things every family can do to spend quality time together

If you think your family needs to spend more quality time together, try out these simple things that could bring you closer together!
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