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Top tips for students sitting the Junior Certificate or Leaving Certificate exams.

Mix of emotions

Individuals can feel a range of emotions when facing into taking exams. You might feel confident, or you might feel nervous, stressed or worried. Remember, you have learnt a huge amount of information throughout your time at school. Exams are an opportunity to show what you know, but they are a very narrow assessment and do not reflect all of who you are as a person.

Here are some top tips which you may find helpful on the day of your exams:

On the Day of Your Exams

eat a good breakfast

Eat a good breakfast

Fuel your body and mind for the day ahead

take deep breaths

Take deep breaths

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth to bring yourself back to the moment

read the paper

Read the paper carefully

You could begin by marking off the questions you want to answer. If you focus on these first, you'll quickly settle into the flow.

keep an eye on the time

Keep an eye on the time

How you use your time can make a big difference – try to leave some at the end to check over your answers

if you are struggling with a question

If you are struggling with a question

Move on and come back to it at the end if you have time

stay positive

Stay positive

All you can do is try your best!

Support is available

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