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We are all experiencing a range of emotions at this time. Support is available.

Changes to our world

Covid-19, or the Coronavirus, has brought many changes and challenges to our lives.
There is support available for you.

Talking Makes Us Stronger

It is understandable that we may all experience a range of feelings and emotions at this time.

We might be apart from our friends, family members and the activities we normally enjoy.

This might be a time to connect in creative ways – there is lots we can explore from where we are right now.

Remember, support is always here for you. Talking Makes Us Stronger!

Information and Ideas

Check out these articles below for information on a wide range of topics and ideas for activities to try:

What is Coronavirus?

Talking Makes Us Stronger


Feelings and Emotions

Getting Along with Family

Learning Resources

The RTE Home School Hub features lots of learning and educational materials for children and young people from 1st to 6th class.

Joe Wicks, who is also known as The Bodycoach, is making PE and exercise classes available every day on his YouTube channel.

Childline is here for you

If there is something on your mind, it can help to talk. Is there a trusted adult you can talk with about how you are feeling? Childline is here to listen to you and support you. You can contact Childline for free from anywhere in Ireland.

Chat online at

Call 1800 66 66 66

Text to 50101

Other supports available include:​


Jigsaw provides support to young people having a tough time with their mental health.

BeLong To

BeLong To provides support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans young people in Ireland.

Focus Ireland

Focus Ireland provides support services and to young people who are homeless in Ireland.

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