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I am alone, my friends are just not my friends

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 I am alone. I feel sick basically all day, everyday. I can distract my self from it for a short while, but the loneliness always comes back. My “friends” just aren’t my friends. They never invite me out and even when I try to make plans, they are always cancelled. I don’t have a single “friend” I feel I can talk to about this. All my real friends either moved away or we drifted apart. And if it’s something I’m doing, I don’t know how. I try to be as nice as possible to them, I try not to be annoying. No matter what I still feel so alien, and I have no idea what to do.


Hello, thank you for reaching out to Ask Pat and telling us how you feel.   

You say you feel sick most days and you feel you don’t have a single friend. You tell us you are not sure why as you are very nice to them. You feel very alone and have no idea what to do. You also mention all your real friends have either moved away or you drifted apart.

We are sorry to hear that you are feeling so lonely and alone. It sounds like you are going through a tough time. We understand that friendships can be difficult to make and keep. Have you thought about chatting to a trusted adult in your life about how you are feeling alone? This adult could be a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle or any adult that you feel comfortable talking to. It is important that you understand why you are feeling so lonely and to look at ways that can make you feel happy, because you have the right to be happy. You might enjoy looking at our Headbomz video about how talking can help make us stronger 

There are also some articles on the Childline website which may be useful to you;;      

The Childline Team would enjoy talking to you about your feelings and what is going on for you. How would you feel about giving us a call on 1800 66 66 66 or a text at 50101 or even have a web chat with us through We can help you look at the options that are available to you should you need some support. The services are free and confidential and are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Childline does not trace phone numbers or IP addresses and we really put values on your feelings and thoughts.  

Thank you again for getting in touch and sharing how you are feeling, as we appreciate how hard it can be for some people. Mind yourself and know that Childline is here for you whenever you feel you want to share more.    

Take care,  


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