making friends
Our friendships can be some of the most valuable relationships in our lives.

Having friends

Having good friends can help us make feel happy and safe. Our friendships can be some of the most valuable relationships in our life. It can be good to have friends that you can hang out with, have a laugh with, share a hobby with and talk to if you are worried about something.

It can be hard to make friends

Meeting new people can sometimes make us nervous. Some people might get so nervous that they don’t know what to say. Some of the thoughts which might run through your head can include:

  • You might feel worried that you will be rejected, or that you will embarrass yourself
  • You might compare yourself to others or be too hard on yourself
  • You might have had friendships before which ended and you're not sure why
  • You might feel afraid that you won't know the 'right' thing to say
  • You might feel as though you are too nervous to talk to new people

Top tips​

Be friendly

If someone is friendly towards you, try to be friendly in return


If you can, smile


Ask the other person about themselves – you might find you have lots in common

Take time

Give yourself time. It can sometimes take a while to build up a friendship

Support is available

  • Remember, it's ok to feel nervous or unsure about making new friends. 
  • It can be hard to figure out how to connect with people. 
  • If you have any worries about making friends, you have a right to talk to someone. 
  • Childline is always here to listen.
  • You can contact Childline by calling 1800 66 66 66, chatting online at or texting to 50101 24 hours a day, every day.

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