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It is possible to feel lonely at any time in your life.

Loneliness can affect anyone

We can all feel lonely when we are separate or isolated from other people. It is possible to feel lonely at any time in your life. Sometimes, people can feel lonely even when they are surrounded by other people.

How might loneliness affect me?

Everyone is different and loneliness can affect different people in different ways.

If you are experiencing loneliness, you might feel:

  • Isolated from others
  • Upset and worried the feeling is never going to go away
  • Like nobody cares about you
  • Confused and unsure why you feel this way
  • Sad

Support is available

  • We can all feel lonely sometimes, and that's ok
  • If you feel like it's happening all the time, you might like to get some extra support.
  • You have a right to talk about how you are feeling with someone.
  • Is there a family member, teacher or another adult you trust who you could talk to about how you are feeling?
  • Childline is always here to listen.

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