Teenage girl smiling dressed in her school uniform with a group of teenagers blurred in the background.

Talk about how you feel

You might be feeling lots of different emotions as you get back to the school routine. As you have been out of the school routine for some time, you may find it hard to concentrate while in class or when doing your homework – you might feel as though you are always distracted. This is totally understandable, as going back to school is a big change for your brain. If you feel there is a particular reason why you feel distracted, or your mind is wandering off, you might find it helps to talk to someone about it and let them know how you are feeling. You might also feel stressed or anxious, or you might find that you are getting angry with people or crying more than normal. That’s ok too.

Be kind to yourself

However you are feeling about going back to school, or starting a new school, it is totally normal and ok.

There are so many other children and young people feeling the same way. The new rules and routines mean that going back to school and work is going to be different for everyone, so you’re not alone.

Remember, all you can do is your best. It can take time to get used to any kind of change, so be kind to yourself and give yourself time.

Focus on resilience

Being resilient involves finding ways to manage feelings, to help you get through any challenges which come your way.

Can you think about what makes you feel better when you are feeling stressed, or down? Can you do more of that?

At Childline, we like to think about resilience of terms of ‘I Have, I Can and I Am’. If you can put even one or two of these into a sentence, you’re doing well.

Some examples might include:

  • ‘I have a family that supports me’
  • ‘I have friends that feel the same way that I do’
  • ‘I can talk to my mum / dad / brother / sister / teacher / friend / a trusted adult / Childline if I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed’
  • ‘I can paint / draw / listen to music / go for a walk / keep playing sport which helps me feel better’
  • ‘I am lovable’
  • ‘I am kind / helpful / thoughtful’
  • Remember: Talking Makes Us Stronger!

Top Tips


Talk to a trusted adult in your life about how you are feeling, or talk to Childline. This is your space to talk openly and a space where you will be listened to.


Write down everything you are looking forward to about school – and the things that are making you feel worried.


Prepare yourself and be as organised as you can be.

Be kind to yourself

Take care of yourself, do things that you enjoy and aim to get enough sleep every night

Support is available

Remember, support is always here for you. 

Is there a trusted adult you can talk with about how you are feeling?

Childline is always here to listen.