A teenage girl sitting on her own in an empty classroom with her arms folded across an open book.

For some students, this is the year they move from primary to secondary school. It's a big change and can feel a little weird or even scary.

If you’re feeling any anxiety about the school year ahead, here are a few tips that could help you on your new journey: 

Accept your feelings

You might feel really scared, you might feel nervous, worried, upset or you might feel excited or happy.

Whatever you are feeling, do not ignore it or shove it away. Tell yourself, ‘How I feel is how I feel and that is OK’.

To help you understand your feelings you can try writing them down in a diary or draw a picture that shows how you are feeling about going into Secondary School.

You can also talk to an older brother or sister, or parent or a trusted adult about how they felt about going into Secondary School.

Be patient with yourself

You are going to a new school, and it is normal to not know everything about it or what will be expected of you. Make sure to be patient with yourself and give yourself time to get settled.


You are going to be given a lot of new information when you start at your new school. Make sure to keep a diary or notebook so you can take your own personal notes.

If you do not like to write things down, you can take voice notes on your phone when you are in private.

Seek support

If you are very worried about secondary school or do not know something, it is OK to ask for help. You can ask your new teachers, your parent or caregiver or even an older brother or sister.

You may feel stressed or under pressure about the longer day, the homework or being in so many different classes. Just remember that there are answers and support out there. Keep telling yourself ‘I can do it”!

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