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Why am I very hairy ? Why do I have belly button? Why do I feel sexy


Hey there, thanks so much for your questions!
It’s totally ok to have questions about your body, especially during your teenage years when everything seems to be changing so fast. First off, it’s important to know that everyone’s body is unique, and being hairy is completely normal. Your body hair is just one of the many ways your body grows and develops as you get older. 
As for your belly button, it’s actually a mark from where your umbilical cord was attached to you before you were born. It’s a reminder of the incredible journey you’ve been on since you were in your mom’s womb. 
Feeling sexy is also a common part of growing up. It’s natural to start noticing changes in your body and feeling more aware of your attractiveness. Just remember that feeling sexy is about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin, and it’s totally ok to explore those feelings at your own pace. 
If you ever want to talk more about this or anything else on your mind, know that we’re here for you. You can reach out to us at Childline anytime, day or night. We’re here to listen, support, and provide guidance without judgment. You may like to read some of the articles on the Childline website about puberty
Remember, you never have to go through anything on your own. If you cannot talk to someone you trust, know the Childline team is here 24/7.
Talk care of yourself,

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