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Mom's boyfriend is beating skibidi toilet

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hy is skibidi toilet getting beaten by my moms boyfriend 


Hi there, thank you for reaching out to Ask Alex. 

It’s very brave of you to contact us as we know it’s not always easy for young people to talk about things going on at home.  

You are wondering why skibidi toilet is getting beaten by your mom’s boyfriend. We understand that skibidi toilet is a series on YouTube and are wondering do you mean your mom’s boyfriend is playing one of the games, and winning?  

If you are not talking about the YouTube series, we would be concerned if anyone, especially a child, was being beaten by your moms boyfriend. We hope that you are feeling safe at home. We want you to know that the use of physical violence is not okay. If you are ever in immediate danger or harm, you can contact emergency services on  999 or  112  from any mobile or landline, free of charge.  

You have the right to feel safe in your home and it is the role of parents and caregivers to protect young people and children. There are some articles on the Childline website which may also help you with the problems you may be facing at the moment: and   

Childline is also available for you whenever you need support. You can reach out to us through Live Chat at or call us for free at 1800 66 66 66. We are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We will not judge you and we will explore what options are available to you. 

Please take care of yourself, and know that you never have to face anything on your own, Childline is always here for you. Any time, for any reason,


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