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I feel useless and purposeless

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bro why cant i get over being useless. I need to learn to accept I got no purpose and stop being all pitiful and s**t


Hi there,  

You are very welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your question. We think you are very brave to do this as we know it can be difficult for young people to talk about their feelings. 

From what you’ve said, it sounds like you are feeling unhappy in yourself lately. You feel useless and as though you have no purpose and you say you just want to learn to accept this about yourself. We are concerned to hear you feel this way. Is there anything going on for you at the moment that is influencing how you feel about yourself? Have you felt like this in the past and if so, was there anything you did then that you could do now to have a more balanced view of yourself? At Childline, we believe paying attention to our self-esteem, our moods and our wellness in general are very important things for all of us to do and by doing so, we are more likely to live happy and fulfilling lives. You might find the following articles helpful: and  

Have you tried speaking to a trusted adult about how you are feeling? This trusted adult could be a parent, aunt/uncle, cousin, teacher, or youth worker. How we feel about ourselves can be a difficult and complicated thing to cope with, particularly if we are feeling low about ourselves. There are many people of all ages who often have similar thoughts, so please know you are not alone and there are services out there for young people who may need a bit of support. Here at Childline, we offer various services aimed at helping young people build resilience and manage their emotions in a helpful way, why not have a look at what’s on offer? You can learn more about our services here: . You may need the help of an adult to make use of these services. 

Alternatively, if you feel you can’t talk to a trusted adult, how would you feel about reaching out to us at our Childline Listening Service? Childline is always here to listen and to support you and you do not need the help of an adult to get in touch. You can have an online chat via our website or send a text to 50101 or you can call 1800 66 66 66. 

Again, thank you for reaching out.  

Take care, 


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