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To Pat / 12 Nov 2019

Topic: Wom't accept my sexuality

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Hi Pat,

I’m a pretty responsible kid and my parents trust me, but they wom’t accept my sexuality I’ve tried coming out to them three times over the past year and a half but they keep saying I’m ‘too young to know that sort of thing’ and ‘it’s just a face’ I really want to feel accepted at home but they won’t support.
I’m wondering how to help them undrestand that I’m gay.

From Pat / 22 Nov 2019


Hi there

Thank you for your mail and for reaching out to us.

Sounds like you have tried on many occasions this year to reach out to your parents in relation to your sexuality. This is not always an easy thing to do. The fact that you have tried on more than one occasion suggests that acceptance is really important to you and this is understandable.

From what you suggest your parents are not in a position to accept this quite yet. We all need support in relation to what is going on for us. You have the right to get support also. Whereas your parents might not be in a position to support you just yet there are many groups in place that offer guidance and support in relation to sexuality and coming out. How would you feel about accessing these? The LGBTQ is one that we work with quite often. It can also help in talking to someone. Is there anyone that you feel you have in your life that you might be able to talk to?

We understand that acceptance from your parents is what you are looking for but do you think that while they are working on that this might be something you could avail of?

It might take some time for them to give you the acceptance you are looking for, if they can at all, but you do mention that they trust you. So it sounds like to do have faith in you and this is something of great value.

We are here in the meantime if you feel like you would like further support so please do make contact.

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