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Will you come to my house

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if i talk about small things and nothing serious will my parents know or will you come to my house


Hi there, thanks for reaching out to Ask Alex.

You are wondering if you call or chat with Childline, will your parents know and would we call to your house.

To answer your question, when we say your calls and chats to Childline are private, that means that we do not see or know your phone number, IP address or location, unless you were to tell us. If you use a phone to contact us, you may have to delete the call in the call history. If you use the Live Chat service, then once you close the chat your chat it is gone, there is no chat history kept.

Should you choose to tells us your full name, where you are and that there is something going on for you which would give us concern for your safety,  then we would contact Túsla (The Child and Family Agency in Ireland) or the Gardaí. It is their job to make sure all young people under 18 years in Ireland, are living in a safe home. The Childline team for these services, (24-hour phones and Live Chat) never call out to houses.

So, Childline is a safe space where you can talk about anything anonymously and confidentially. You can get in touch with us any time, for any reason. Our free-phone number is 1800 66 66 66 or you can Live Chat with us at

We hope we have answered your question, and that you will get in touch with us soon,


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