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Will I go to hell

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 If I kill myself, will I go to hell? I don’t want to go to hell 


Hi there, thanks so much for getting in touch.  

We are very concerned to hear you ask “If I kill myself, will I go to hell?”. It has been brave of you to give an honest account of your fear that you don’t want to go to hell.  We hope you don’t mind us giving you the details of a service that might be suitable to support you with your concerning feelings and questions. are an organisation which offers professional support to those suffering from suicidal ideation, just as you are. They have a 24-hour text service (51444) and phone service (1800 247 247) . Or perhaps you would prefer to talk to your GP. Which evr you choose, it is important that you contact them without delay.

We are wondering if you have spoken to a friend or trusted adult about what is going on for you. Talking things through, with someone neutral, can help us to feel better and to see a clearer picture of what is going on, so that you don’t go through these big feelings alone.

If you ever need to talk about anything that is going on for you anonymously, Childline is here for you anytime you need us, day, and night. You can chat to us through our webchat service, by clicking on the purple Messenger circle on or you can call us for free at 1800 66 66 66.

Take care of yourself and know that your feelings matter. Please reach out for support very soon. Your life matters. You matter,


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