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Will anyone ever like me

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I hate the way I look and no boys like me, will anyone ever like me? 


Hi there and welcome to Ask Alex.   

Thank you for reaching out to us with your worries and concerns. 

You are asking will anyone ever like you, because you do not like the way you look and you say no boys like you. 

We are sorry to hear that you are feeling down about yourself and your appearance. It is tough when we are feeling insecure, but we want to let you know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Many people struggle with self-esteem and body image issues, and it can be especially hard when we feel like we are not getting the validation we need. You deserve to have the best in yourself brought out, perhaps this article may be of some help Many of us battle with our weight and negative body image. It is crucial to have friends who are there for you. Do you think you have any friends who you can relate to or a trusted adult that you trust? It is important that you have someone you can talk to, and not to keep bottling your thoughts and feelings to yourself. 

We want to remind you that your worth is not determined by your appearance or whether or not boys like you. On the Childline website, there are several articles that you may find useful. They can be found at There are multiple steps that can be taken if there are specific things about your appearance that you do not like. For example, if you don’t like your hair, you could try a new hairstyle or color. The most essential thing is to take care of yourself in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and at peace in your own skin. More information can be found here  

Remember that if you don’t feel ready to talk to someone in your life right now, you may always call Childline at 1800 66 66 66 to chat about what is going on for you. We are available every day of the week. We also offer a 24-hour web chat service at, just click on the orange Live Chat tab. 

Take care of yourself, please get in touch with us to chat some more. 


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