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Why is everyone not taking the earthquake seriously?

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You know the way there was an earthquake in Turkey & SyriaWhy is everyone not taking that seriously. Everywhere I go everyone is talking about Ukraine. 


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You have asked why is everyone not taking the earthquake in Turkey and Syria seriously, and you feel like everyone is talking about Ukraine. It sounds like this is taking up a lot of your thoughts and it can be hard to deal with such big thoughts when there is a lot going on. Natural disasters can have a significant impact on people’s lives, and it is important to take them seriously. If you know someone who has been affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey, or Syria, it is important to offer them support and empathy.  

It may be the case that people around you are not aware of the earthquake or are not discussing it as much as the situation in Ukraine. In such cases, you can take the initiative to inform them about the earthquake and its impact and encourage them to support relief efforts.  

You can also use social media platforms to raise awareness about the earthquake and encourage people to donate to relief organizations working in the affected areas. It is crucial to prioritize the needs of people who are directly affected by the earthquake and to take their suffering seriously, regardless of how much media attention the events is receiving.  

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