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Why does nobody answer the phones on Friday and Saturday night?

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Why does nobody answer the phones on Friday and Saturday night? 


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You are asking why nobody answers the phones on Friday and Saturday night. We assume you are talking about Childline. 

Thank you for your question! It seems you called Childline, and you didn’t get your call answered. We are sorry about that. 

At Childline we try to listen and to support as many young people as we can, that’s why there is always a team behind the phone, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Fridays and Saturdays are normally the busiest days for Childline, so there could be a bit of a wait before someone can take your call, but someone will definitely answer! 

If your call is urgent and waiting is not an option, you can contact the emergency services by calling 112 or 999 from any phone, both numbers are free of charge. 

We hope this helps and we hope you call back to Childline and give it a go! We will be waiting for your call. 

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