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Why am I so overweight?

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Why am i so fat. I weigh too much. why?



You are very welcome to Ask Alex. 

You are saying that you are weigh too much and are wondering why you are so fat. It sounds like you are feeling very down at the moment, and we are happy you have reached out to us. 

Is there something going on for you that has you feeling this way? Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where comments are made about our bodies and behaviours. These comments can affect how we feel about ourselves. Even some compliments can have an unintended negative effect. It’s important to keep in mind that people come in numerous body shapes and sizes and our bodies are our business, no one else’s. It is very helpful for our wellbeing that we make a concerted effort to remind ourselves to avoid making comparisons between ourselves and others, and to take positive steps towards enjoying the body and the life we have; remember that body image is only one part of who we are. 

We would be concerned that you are having feelings like that, and it sounds like you are being a little hard on yourself. It is important for us all the healthy minds and bodies and if we ignore one, the other is often affected as well. There is some information available on these websites that you might find useful: 

It can be helpful to talk to people we trust about how we feel, perhaps you have a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, granny, granddad or another adult you trust in you life who you feel comfortable talking to about this. You have the right to talk to a trusted adult about how you are feeling. You have the right to get help and support and it is okay to ask for help. 

It might help also if you contacted Childline on our 24-hour listening phone service at 1800 66 66 66. We are always here to listen to you, and we would never judge you. We also have a text service that is open every day at 10.00am until 4.00am, and by texting to 50101 you can have your chat by text.  

Take care, be kind to yourself and bye for now, 


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