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Why keeping your personal data out of screen names and passwords is so important.
Whether you enjoy online gaming or just chatting with your friends, you’re going to need a screen name and password. Of course, nobody wants a boring screen name but when creating both, you need to make sure that they’re secure.  We have some helpful tips for you to follow that will help keep your data and accounts safe!

Screen Names

  • Remember these names are public-facing.


  • Don’t use personal details such as your full name, birthday or any information relating to your location.


  • Don’t use someone else’s full name either!


  • Names that use a lot of symbols can be hard to read so avoid using too many.


  • Avoid using rude or sexual language as you might attract the wrong sort of attention.



  • Create a password that is unique but memorable. Avoid keeping it simple.

  • Make the password longer than 8 characters as longer passwords are harder to hack.

  • Include symbols, numbers and different cases of letters.

  • Don’t base your password on nicknames, birthdays or any information based on you. Try to keep them random.

  • If you’re afraid you won’t remember your password, give it to your parent/carer who will keep it in a safe place for you.

  • Change your password every 6 months. This is good practice for later on!

  • Don’t share your passwords with your friends, even if you trust them. 

  • Use different passwords for different apps and accounts.


Remember that your information is only as secure as the password you’re using. Click here for a complicated password generator.