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What should I do if I feel as if I am trapped in an endless loop of sadness?

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What should I do if I feel as if I am trapped in an endless loop of sadness and depression 


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You are very welcome to Ask Alex.  

It seems like you are having a tough time with feelings of sadness and depression and that you have been struggling with this for some time. We are sorry to hear this and would like to remind you that you have a right to be happy and content. It is understandable that you are feeling frustrated with this loop.  

The first thing to try and remember is that you are not alone, you have been very brave in reaching out to Ask Alex. Childline is always there to listen and chat about your feelings of depression and sadness. Childline can be contacted for free by phoning 1800 66 66 66 or via chat on You can keep the Childline contact details close to hand for moments when you feel very overwhelmed by sadness, talking to someone at these times can help reassure you. Feel free to read more about getting in touch with us here:  

Do you have any trusted adult in your life perhaps that you could possibly talk to about this? Your thoughts and feelings are so important, and it is vital that you have someone you can turn to; reach out to family and friends as they may be able support you in feeling well and/or help you gain access to resources.   

We have some articles that may be of use to you:; and  

Thank you so much for sharing what’s going on for you with us. 

Be kind to yourself and take care, 


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