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What should I do? I accidentally swore at a classmate, and it may go on my permanent record.

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I accidentally swore at my classmate’s now they have dirt on me if the teacher finds out I will be in big trouble, and it will go on my permanent record for secondary, what should I do? 


Hello, thank you for contacting us at Ask Alex. 

It sounds like you are worried your classmate has some dirt on you and will use it to get you into trouble with your teacher. You feel if your teacher finds out you swore at fellow students, it will give you a bad mark on your school record which is needed for getting into secondary school. 

It is understandable to be worried and anxious about something that may happen, especially if it is something that could have a negative impact on us. Also, when it is something that is out of our control, these feelings can get bigger for us over time. 

Well done on reaching out to us today! It is a brave step, and the first step for you to take control of the situation you are in. What do you think it would be like for you to tell the teacher about your swearing yourself? By doing this, you are taking control away from the classmate, who will then not have this dirt on you to threaten you with anymore. You have the right to feel safe in school, to feel comfortable in school and not to be going in everyday worrying if today is the day the classmate will tell on you. 

Maybe you don’t feel up to talking to the teacher yourself just now, and that is okay, but you do have the right to talk to another adult in your life that you trust, who can support you through this situation. Who would you normally go to if you had a problem? Would it be a parent, or a grandparent? Or maybe it could be an aunt or uncle, or even somebody else in your school like a guidance counsellor. The important thing is that you do not keep these feelings of worry and anxiety to yourself, that you talk it through with somebody. You may find that the situation ends up being not as bad as you think. 

If you feel you can’t talk to an adult that you know at this time, Childline Listening services are here for you. You can call the phone service any time during the day or night on 1800 66 66 66. There is also the Webchat service available 24/7 too, at . Both of these services are free, so you do not need credit on your phone to call.  

Thank you once again for getting in touch with us. We wish you well and would love to chat with you sometime.  

Take care of yourself, 


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