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What happens when you report abuse

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What happens after you report abuse


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In Ireland, reporting abuse, whether it be child abuse, domestic abuse, elder abuse, or other forms of abuse, triggers a specific set of responses depending on the type of abuse and the agency involved. Here’s an overview of the typical process:
1. Child Abuse:
   – Reporting: Reports can be made to the Child and Family Agency (Túsla) or An Garda Síochána (dedicated phone line for reporting child abuse,1800 555 222.).
   – Assessment: Túsla conducts an initial assessment to determine the immediate risk and the need for further action. This may involve speaking with the child, their family, and other relevant individuals.
   – Investigation: If necessary, a more detailed investigation is conducted. This may involve social workers, Gardaí, medical professionals, and other relevant parties.
   – Intervention: Depending on the findings, interventions can range from providing support services to the family, placing the child in foster care, or pursuing legal action against the perpetrator.
2. Domestic Abuse:
   – Reporting: Victims can report domestic abuse to An Garda Síochána, domestic violence helplines, or support organisations like Women’s Aid.
   – Immediate Response: Gardaí may provide immediate assistance, including protective measures, arresting the perpetrator, or issuing a barring order.
   – Support Services: Victims are offered support services, including counselling, legal advice, and safe accommodation through organisations such as Safe Ireland.
   – Legal Action: Legal actions may involve obtaining protection orders (e.g., safety orders, barring orders) and criminal prosecution of the abuser.
3. Other Forms of Abuse:
   – Reporting: Similar to the above, reports can be made to relevant authorities, helplines, or support organisations.
   – Assessment and Investigation: Authorities conduct an assessment to determine the nature of the abuse and the necessary steps for investigation.
   – Intervention: Appropriate measures are taken based on the findings, which could involve support services, legal action, or other protective measures.
Across all forms of abuse, the primary focus is on the safety and well-being of the victim. Various support services are available to provide immediate assistance and longer-term support to help victims recover and protect them from further harm. Legal processes may also be initiated to hold the perpetrators accountable.
We hope this has given you some idea of what happens after you report abuse. Remember, you can always call our Childline Team for anonymous, confidential and non-judgmental support. We are there 24/7, every day of the year.
Look after yourself, and know that you never have to face anything on your own. Childline is just a phone call or webchat away.

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