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What do you do when you want to kill yourself but you also want to go to Heaven?

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What to do when your 14 and want to run away from or kill yourself but wanna go to heaven 


Hello, you are welcome to Ask Pat 

Thank you so much for trusting us with your thoughts. We know it can be difficult to open up, but we think it is great for young people to share their problems. Talking about and sharing what is going on for you is a big step forward. 

You asked what to do when you are 14 and want to run away from (is that home?) or plan to kill yourself but want to go to heaven? 

We are really sorry to hear that you are thinking of running away and killing yourself. It sounds like there might be a lot going on for you to make you feel that way and it is very brave of you to reach out and share these thoughts with us. You also mentioned wanting to go to heaven, it sounds like you consider heaven a good place to go to when people die?  

Ask Pat would be very concerned to hear that you are thinking of running away and harming yourself as you have the right to live and be happy. It might be a good idea to talk to a trusted adult in your life, maybe a parent or aunt or teacher, about how you are feeling. Perhaps you’d like to write down how you feel and show the trusted adult, as this can sometimes be an easier way to get your feelings out.  

If you feel like you would prefer to speak to a stranger, you could try chatting to one of our trained volunteers in Childline. If you log onto the Childline website:  there are 3 ways in which you can talk to us: live message, free text  50101 or free phone  1800 66 66 66.  

You might find this article on the Childline website useful too: You can also contact Pieta House, an organisation in Ireland that provides services to young people who feel suicidal, for additional support:  

If you feel like you are ever in immediate danger, you can ring the Emergency Services on 999 or 112 and they can keep you safe from harm. These calls are free from any mobile or landline. 

We hope you find this information helpful, and that you can get some support soon. 

Take Care, 

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