A young couple walking together in the sunset linking little fingers.

Being in a healthy relationship can bring wonderful benefits to your life – love, support, friendship, romance, affection, someone to talk to about your day and how you’re feeling.


However, there are times when some of us may find ourselves in relationships that may have started off well but have since changed. 

It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happens (unless it’s a very obvious event or situation) but it’s important to recognise the ‘red flags’ and move on as soon as you can. 

A red flag in a relationship is a warning sign that certain traits or behaviour – even one-off occurrences – could become damaging or toxic overtime.

Here are some examples of relationships red flags that everyone should be aware of. There is a problem if the other person: 



If you are in a relationship that you are finding hard to leave, Childline is always here to listen and support you. Call 1800 66 66 66, text 50101 or use live chat on childline.ie. 


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