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Talking while eating

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people say talking to people when thier eating is rude but how ???????


Hey there, thanks for your question!
You are wondering why it is rude to talk to somebody while they are eating.
We get where you’re coming from. It can seem kind of weird when you’re trying to chat with someone and they just carry on eating. It can feel like they’re not really paying attention or respecting the moment.
But what’s happening is, it’s not really about you being rude by talking to them while they eat. It’s more about giving them space to enjoy their meal without distractions. Think about it – when you’re eating your favourite food, you want to be able enjoy it too, without having to stop and talk or answer questions from somebody else, right?
That said, if it’s bothering you, it’s totally ok to politely ask if you can chat later when they’re finished eating. It’s all about being respectful of each other’s time and space.
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