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How to shave? 


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So, you’d like to know how to shave? As we grow up and reach puberty, we can notice changes in our mind and body. One of these changes is the increase in body hair in various places, with boys tending to have more noticeable facial hair.
It’s quite common for people to wish to shave unwanted body hair, but learning how can be tricky at first. Like a lot of things, it can take some know-how and practice. One important thing to consider is having the correct equipment, like a shaver or razor, and which one you use might depend on where you want to shave.
If you have any friends or relatives who are familiar with shaving, they might be able to give you some tips or advice. You could also check out a couple of articles linked here with tips for shaving for both boys and girls. We hope these are of some use to you: 
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