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Scared of learning new gymnastics skills

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Hi we have gymnastics today and where scared because we are learning how to do handsprings and areils


Hi there, 


Thank you for taking the time to write your question into us here. 


It sounds like you are going to be trying something new in gymnastics. How do you normally manage with trying things that are new? The tools that you use towards trying anything new can be used here too.

Remember to be patient with yourself as this is something new and like a lot of things, it is only with practice that we can improve on things, like handsprings. As the saying goes, practice makes progress. It can take time to get used to something new, so keep this in mind too. 

Remember. if you would like a chat with us anytime, you are very welcome to reach out to us in Childline through Live Chat at to chat to us through our messaging service or by phone on  1800 66 66 66. Childline is here 24-hours everyday, 365-days a year. You never have to go through anything on your own.


Take care, we wish you all the very best with your gymnastics. 


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