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To Pat / 25 Jan 2020

Topic: My mom will divorce

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What do i do if my dad doesnt want to change his job and if he doesnt my mom will divorce?

From Pat / 26 Feb 2020


Welcome to Ask Pat,

Thank you for writing to us. It seems like you are worried about your parents getting divorced, and this has been on your mind. You also mention that this has to do with the job that your Dad has.

It sounds like there is a lot going on at home for you right now. You may want clarity for yourself about this situation – do you know why is it that you believe your parents will separate if your Dad doesn’t change job? Is this something you think you could talk about with your parents?

It is important for you to know that couples separate/divorce for lots of different reasons. Regardless of why they break up it is never your fault. It sounds like you are wondering what you should do in this situation to help your parents, but it is not your responsibility. However, it would be important that you can express your feelings about this trouble at home, to an adult you trust. That could be to your Mom, Dad, a teacher, doctor, guidance counsellor. You may find it useful to look at the article Divorce & Separation on Childline’s website under the ‘Info & Advice – Family Relationships’ category.

Also, Childline is always there to listen to you speak about what is going on at home. You can contact Childline by phone, text or on the online chat service.

Thank you for sharing with us what is going on for you.

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