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My heart is broken

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A boy from my neighbourhood passed away. He’s the same age as me and a lot of people I know or know of knew him or were friends with him. I’ve never met him or heard of him before his death but my heart feels really broken from it and I’m upset over it even though I didn’t he was a person before this morning, is this normal?


Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us.

It’s completely normal to feel upset and broken-hearted when you hear about the passing of someone, even if you didn’t know them personally. Your feelings are a sign of empathy and compassion, which are wonderful qualities to have. It takes bravery to acknowledge your emotions and express them.
Remember, it’s okay to grieve and seek support when you’re feeling overwhelmed by emotions, even if you didn’t know the person personally. It shows strength to acknowledge your feelings and reach out for help when you need it. You’re not alone, and there are people who care and are ready to listen, like Childline. You may find this article on the Childline website helpful
If you ever find yourself struggling with these feelings or need someone to talk to, Childline is here for you, to help young people like you who might be going through tough times, or who may just want to have a chat. Childline is confidential, non-judgmental, and open 24/7, so you can reach out to us whenever you need to. You do not have to be alone.
Take care of yourself, and remember Childline is here for you if you need to talk.

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