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My friend vapes in school

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What to do if your friend Vapes in school and could get suspended 


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It sounds like you’re worried about your friend getting into trouble in school. It’s understandable that as a good friend, this would be concerning you. Have you talked with your friend about this, and do you think they understand the risks and how concerned you are?
It’s important to maintain open communication with your friend. Express your concerns and let them know how their actions may affect both themselves and others. Additionally, consider discussing alternative activities or hobbies that they could engage in instead of vaping.
What do you think it would be like for you if your friend does get suspended? What does this mean for you? Sometimes it can be hard to get a friend to see things from your point of view. How do you think you might feel if your friend continues to vape in school, and do you think you could agree to disagree on this behaviour?
Remember, you have the right to feel safe in your environment and comfortable with your friends. If you feel comfortable, consider seeking guidance from trusted adults, such as parents, teachers, or school counsellors. They can provide support and help with the situation.
Childline is also available to listen and chat non-judgmentally and confidentially. We can be contacted for free by calling 1800 66 66 66 or by visiting the Childline website – and clicking on the Live Chat tab. We are open 24/7/363, so there will always be somebody waiting to chat or talk with you. You never have to go through anything on your own.
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