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My dad has been hitting me at home and he touches me in places that aren’t appropriate. This makes me feel very vulnerable.

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My dad has been hitting me at home he touches me in places that aren’t appropriate. This makes me feel very vulnerable. I don’t like it when my dad touched me. I have told him not hit me again and he won’t stop. I’m just finding it difficult to cope with all the stress. I do not understand why my dad abused me when I have done nothing wrong.


Hi, you are very welcome to Ask Pat. 

Thank you for reaching out to us, you are very brave. You are saying that your dad hits you at home and touches you in inappropriate places, that this makes you feel vulnerable and that you don’t like it when he touches you. You also say you are having difficulties coping with all the stress and that you don’t understand why this is happening, as you did nothing wrong. 

We are very sorry that your dad is hitting you and touching you inappropriately. Please note that this is not your fault at all, there is nothing you could have done that can justify being hit or abused. Your dad does not have the right to be abusive or the right to hurt you physically, mentally or verbally. Your feelings are valid, and it is understandable that going through this is making you feel vulnerable. Have you spoken to anyone in your family or another adult you trust about your concerns about your dad being abusive and how that is making you feel? This adult could be a teacher, neighbour, friend, school counsellor or your GP – someone involved in your life who will listen. You have a right to seek help and support. As a young person you have a right to be protected from harm. You can also talk to your local Social Worker in Tusla The Social Worker has a legal responsibility to protect you and keep you safe. 

If you ever feel unsafe at home, or anywhere else, you have the right to call the emergency services on  999 or 112. You can make a call to these numbers for free from any landline or mobile phone. 

The ISPCC Childline website also has some information and articles you may find helpful:  and  

This is not something you have to go through by yourself. If you feel that you are not ready yet to talk to someone in your own life, you would be very welcome to give us at Childline a call on 1800 66 66 66 or you could text us on 50101 or contact us online for a web chat at  All of our services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are free, confidential and are a space for you to talk about your thoughts and feelings without being judged in any way.   

Thank you for getting in touch with us, it was great hearing from you. Please know that you can contact us anytime.     

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