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My dad grounds me whenever I stand up for myself

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My dad grounds me whenever I stand up for myself i never shout or call names i just stand up for my self and he grounds me


Hi there, welcome to Ask Alex,

Well done on showing your bravery by standing up for yourself in a respectful manner. It takes courage to assert your feelings and boundaries without resorting to shouting or name-calling. Standing up for yourself in a calm and composed way reflects your strength and self-confidence, even when faced with challenging situations.

There are support services available to help you  through these moments. One option is speaking to a school counsellor. They can provide a safe space to discuss your experiences. Another area to consider could be reaching out to other family members or friends for support and advice on how to approach these conversations with your dad. Here is an article from on the Childline website whxih may be helpful for you

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. If you ever find yourself in need of someone to talk to, Childline is an excellent resource. Our Team are here to listen to your concerns, and explore options of help and support when you need it the most. We can talk through some of the above before you choose which could work best for you . Childline services are available 24 hours a day, every day, so there will always be somebody here to listen to you.

Just know that your bravery in standing up for yourself deserves recognition and respect, so well done.

Take care of yourself, and we would love to talk to you real soon.


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