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My dad comments on my chest and bum

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my dad keeps making comments about my breasts and bum


Hi, welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for reaching out to us. We know it’s not always easy to share your feelings with us.
You say that your dad keeps making comments about your breasts and bum. We imagine this might make you feel uncomfortable, and no one has the right to comment on any body part. Have you spoken to your dad about how this makes you feel?
If you feel you can’t talk to your dad, do you think there is any other trusted adult you could talk to about how this might be making you feel? This could be a parent, aunt, uncle, older cousin, teacher, or youth worker. This atricle on the childline website may give you some guidance on putting in a boundary with your dad, letting him know that it is not ok for him to continue making comments that are upsetting for you
Alternatively, Childline is always here to listen to you, and we would never judge anything you say. We have our online chat service at, or our phone service on 1800 66 66 66. Childline services are free and confidential, and are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We would be delighted to hear from you.
Thank you for reaching out to us.
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