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My body is changing

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Why is my Willy so big


Hi there, you are very welcome to Ask Alex.     

Thank you for asking Ask Alex about changes in your body. We understand that adolescence can be a confusing time as there are many changes and questions; here in Ask Alex we want to provide a safe space for you to ask the questions you may not be able to ask others.  

Changes in the size of your penis is a normal part of adolescence. Your body is going through multiple transformations and often these changes happen at different rates to our peers. Additionally, you penis can change size when you have an erection, this is when the penis becomes harder and stands up and is often caused by arousal. If you want to learn more about your penis and the changes that may happen during puberty you can look at this article

We understand that not everyone feels able to talk to someone they know about their body’s changes during puberty, so whether you have questions about puberty, hygiene, or just want to talk about the emotional aspects of these changes, we are here for you. You can phone the Childline Team for free on 1800 66 66 66 or you may prefer to have a webchat with us at, you can start a chat by clicking on the Live Chat icon. 

Thanks again for getting in touch. Remember, Childline is here for you anytime, for any reason. Bye for now, 


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