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My best friend told others my secrets

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What to do If I my fake bestfriend told everyone my secrets


Hey there, thanks so much for reaching out to us,
We understand that finding out your supposed best friend has shared your secrets can be incredibly hurtful and confusing. It’s important to acknowledge the pain you might be feeling right now. It’s okay to be upset, and you’re not alone in facing these emotions.
It’s important to surround yourself with a support system. Talk to someone you trust, like a family member, another friend, or a teacher. Sharing your feelings can provide relief and offer perspectives that might help you get through this difficult situation.
Remember, true friends respect your trust and keep your secrets safe. If your current situation makes you feel isolated, know that you are never alone. There are resources available to support you. Childline is here 24/7, ready to listen and help you explore your options. You can contact us at 1800 66 66 66 or through Live Chat at
Consider taking some time for self-reflection too. Assess the importance of the friendship and whether it’s worth saving. Sometimes, open communication can address misunderstandings or mend the trust that has been broken.
Ultimately, prioritise your well-being. If the situation becomes overwhelming, reach out for professional advice or guidance from a counsellor. Remember, you deserve friendships built on trust and mutual respect.
We hope we have helped you somewhat . Remember, you can contact the Childline team any time of the day or night. Don’t feel that you have to go through this or anything else on your own. Childline is always here for you.
Look after yourself, reach out for support soon,

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