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My best friend is rude to everyone

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My bestie X’s rude to everyone, gossips to me and Y, who gossips about X. X gossips about Y. A boy in my class wants to be friends with her and she rejects him, says he’s her dog. Called me monkey and said I don’t look black. I’m black. She left me out and gossiped about my friend I knew since preschool, Z. My idea is for me and X to prank the class and say we’re not friends and when she says it’s a prank, I’ll say that I meant what I said, and it was nice knowing you. Too hard? I talked to her and heard her perspective and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about my boundaries. I’ve tried talking to teachers but they love her and don’t listen. The principal doesn’t care. Y stole my money and X laughed when she heard. My parents talked to the school and they still don’t care. We’re going to different secondary schools. Should I go through with the prank? She has hurt so many people and she is about to get away Scot free. She bullied me in Y5 (is it bullying)elbowing me, pushing me off chairs, calling me names.


Hi there, welcome to Ask Alex,
It’s incredibly brave of you to consider addressing the situation with X and standing up for yourself and your friends. Dealing with such complex social dynamics can be challenging, especially at your age.
It’s essential to prioritise your emotional well-being and find support. Here are two support services in Ireland that can help you through this situation:
ISPCC Childline: You can reach out to Childline at any time by calling our freephone number, 1800 66 66 66, or by using our Live Chat service at We provide a safe and confidential space to talk about your feelings, concerns, and experiences. Childline’s trained facilitators are non-judgmental and available 24/7 to offer support and explore your options. There are lots of articles on friendships on our website, which you may find helpful, and are just two. is a youth information website in Ireland that offers articles, blogs, and resources on various topics, including mental health, relationships, and bullying. They also provide a support text service for young people who need someone to talk to. You can find valuable information and guidance on their website
It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through this challenging situation alone. Reach out to these support services, talk to trusted adults, and continue to prioritise your own mental and emotional health. It’s essential to surround yourself with people and resources that can help you through these difficulties. Remember, you can always contact Childline for immediate support and someone to talk to. Three will always be somebody here to talk to you.
Look after yourself. Best of luck with starting secondary school.

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