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To Pat / 5 June 2020

My best friend has replaced me

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I have this best friend and I feel like she has replaced me almost, we talk but only when I ask or tell her something, there was a period and she didn’t contact me for a whole month I feel upset, I told my mum but she said that I need to try and get over this sadness and talk to others and I do. but I miss her, she acts very differently kind of like judgemental to others and she has made the girl she hangs out with now similar. I don’t want to let her go but others are telling me that she’s a bad friend and has let me down in the past.I’m too scared to tell the teacher because I don’t want her in trouble because then she might not want to be my friend. What should I do?

From Pat / 16 June 2020


Hi there, welcome to Ask Pat.

You feel as if your best friend has replaced you. You’re saying she has only been speaking with you when you make contact with her, to ask her something.

It sounds like you’re wondering what do to in this friendship. You said you miss her a lot and don’t want to let her go. At the same time she has let you down in the past and others are telling you she is a bad friend.

We’d let you know that it is okay to feel sad and it’s only natural that you would in this situation. It seems like you really care about your friend. You also have the right to have friends that respect and care about you. What is important is what makes you happy. How would you say you feel when you are with this friend? Would you say you feel respected and supported by them?

On our Childline website we have an article on Friendship under Info and Advice. It may be a help to you. Also, you are very welcome to ring or text Childline and talk it through with us. We are always here to listen.  You could tell us how things are going for you. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our phone line at 1800 66 66 66, on our text service 50101, or by live chat at All of our services are free, non-judgmental and confidential.

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