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To Pat / 17 March 2020

Topic: Mam is an alcoholic

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my mam is an alcoholic and she’s driving me crazy, what do i do

From Pat / 23 March 2019


Hi there, you are very welcome to Childline.

You are telling us that your Mam is an alcoholic and that she is driving you crazy. That sounds like you are going through a really difficult time. You are very brave to contact us to tell us this. You have the right to get help and support around what is going on for you. It sounds like your Mam may need some help also.

If you would like to chat a little more about this Childline would be here to help and support you and go through some options that are available to you. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at 1800 66 66 66. We are a non judgmental and free service available to you.. You can also chat to us on our LiveChat service or our SMS service at 50101. As a child you have the right to be happy and safe and to be heard. It is important that all these rights are met.

Thank you for contacting us at Ask Pat and we wish you well.

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