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Mam accused me wrongly

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Hi Alex, today I was at my Nanny’s House and something happened and it made me feel bad. So we were playing football with my 2 cousins and I was in the goal and when the ball would go on the road I would go get it and I would look both ways. Then my parents came in the car, when I ran out to get the ball, my mam gave out to me for not looking both ways. Even though I did. Even my cousins were saying I looked both ways. Then she went inside. Then it happened again and my dad was still in the car and he took my ball. Now the place where my Nanny lives is very quiet. I went in to the bathroom and started crying in there. I had everyone backing me. I thought this was great. I went in the kitchen and my mam left. 5 minutes later she came back to start an argument. She accused me of starting it when it was really her. My Nanny and my cousins were all backing me. The argument went on for at least 10 minutes and when she left. We all agreed that she had lost the argument badly. 3 people backing me and 1 person backing her (my dad). Then we watched the Leinster vs La Rochelle rugby game and we’re all Leinster fans. At half-time she brought a ball down and we walked the dog around the council. We played football there and it was fun. We got back and we watched the rest of the rugby and Leinster won 40-13. I enjoyed that. During the game, my Nanny went into her room because she was annoyed about my mam and what she did earlier. I felt the exact same way she did. When I got home my mam told me to pick up every clothes peg I knocked off with my football earlier. I didn’t knock off much so it wasn’t so bad. Now, I’m here writing this. So I want help. Thanks!


Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!
It sounds like you had a tough day, and we’re sorry you had to go through all that. It’s never easy when you feel misunderstood or unfairly treated, especially by someone you love and trust like your mam. It’s great that your Nanny and cousins had your back, though. Having supportive family members can make a big difference in moments like these.
It’s okay to feel upset about what happened. Sometimes, even when we try our best, misunderstandings can still occur. It’s important to remember that your feelings are valid, and it’s okay to express them. You may find this article helpful
It seems like playing football and watching the rugby game helped lift your spirits a bit, which is great. Finding activities that bring you joy can be a helpful way to cope with tough situations.
If you ever need someone to talk to or just want some support, remember that there are people here for you. You can always reach out to Childline at freephone 1800 66 66 66 or through Messenger at We’re here 24/7, ready to listen without judgment, and offer support whenever you need it. You’re not alone, and we’re here for you, no matter what.
Take care of yourself, and we hope things get better with your mam soon. 

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