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 I found a website today which gives information on how to commit suicide. Is this legal?


Hi there and welcome to Ask Alex,
Thank you for reaching out to us with this query. Finding information on things like suicide can be very worrying and concerning, and it’s good that you have asked us about this.
Websites that provide information on topics like suicide can be really harmful and dangerous. It’s important to let an adult you trust know about what you have found so that they can help you and ensure that you are safe.
Providing information on how to commit suicide is not legal and is considered very serious. It is important to keep everyone safe. If you’re feeling upset or worried about anything, please remember that there are people who care about you and want to help, such as parents, teachers, or other adults you trust. It’s important to reach out to them and let them know what you’re going through.
To stay safe online, here are some tips: Talk to a trusted adult if something seems strange; keep personal information private; be careful posting photos and videos; avoid talking to strangers; be kind, and think before you click on links. Use safe and trustworthy websites. If you are ever unsure, ask a grown-up for help.
If you feel you would like to talk to an adult but you are not sure whom to ask or where to begin, know that Childline is here for you to listen and support you. Childline can be contacted through the freephone number 1800 666 666 or through Live Chat on the website
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