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Is liking men ok

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Is it ok to like men? 


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Thanks so much for getting in touch. We are glad you reached out as it takes a lot of courage to open up about your sexual preferences. It sounds like you’re experiencing some conflicting views and it’s okay to feel a bit unsure about what is right or wrong in the midst of it all.

We want you to know what you are going through is completely valid. It is important to know that everyone has a right to be accepted for who they are. Every young person has a right to equality no matter what.

Having conversations about sexuality with parents, friends or family can be daunting. There is lots of support available. Here are some links to organizations that support LGBTQI+ youth: and You can find out how they work and what services they offer on their website. 

Have you spoken to a friend or trusted adult about what you’re going through? Talking things through, with someone neutral, can help us feel better and to see a clearer picture of what is going on and also means that you don’t go through these big feelings alone.

Remember, it’s totally okay to take your time figuring out who you are. You don’t have to rush into deciding everything about yourself right away. Just explore and see what feels right for you. Everyone’s journey is different, so don’t worry if you’re not sure about everything yet. Trust that you’ll figure it out when the time is right.

If you’re a young girl or boy wondering if it’s okay to like older guys, it’s important to think about how things might be different because of the age gap. While it’s normal to have crushes, relationships with big age differences can sometimes be complicated. It’s essential to make sure you’re safe and comfortable in any relationship, especially if you’re younger. Talk to someone you trust, like a parent or teacher, if you’re not sure what to do. Remember, it’s important to be in relationships where both people are treated with respect and care, no matter what age they are. This website offers lots of guidance around relationships

If you ever need to talk about anything that is going on for you Childline is here for you anytime you need us, day, and night, is where you can Live Chat us or you can call us for free on 1800 66 66 66. There will always be somebody there to answer you 24/7/365 for non-judgmental support.

Take care of yourself and know that your feelings matter. We are here for you. 

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