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Is Ask Alex a bot?

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Alex are you a bot? 


Hi there, 

Welcome to Ask Alex and thank you for posting your question. Many others may have wondered the same thing so it’s great that you decided to find out. 

It sounds like you are wondering if Alex is a bot… Alex is not a bot! 

Alex reads every question and replies to a selection of these questions each week. There is a real person (who cares) behind each of the answers. All of the replies from Alex are public, so that every young person that comes onto our website can read the question asked and the response given.  

We also have real people behind all our chats, texts and phonecalls too. If you would ever like to chat to someone there, you are very welcome to do so. You can chat about whatever you would like, and we will never judge anything that you say to us. You can chat on our instant messaging service on, text on 50101 or call us on 1800 666 666 

Thanks again for asking your question. 

Take care, 


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