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I'm worried about my friend

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Hi,Alex this isn’t about me its about my friend im worried as she told me that her mom’s boyfriend always makes them stand up for hours without being able to sit down as a punishment for the smallest things but idk what to do to help 


Hi and welcome to Ask Alex,
Thank you for reaching out for support with what is going on for your friend. You’ve mentioned that you’re concerned about your friend, who has told you that her mom’s boyfriend makes them stand up for hours as a punishment. It’s challenging to hear when a friend is in trouble, and you want to help but don’t know where to start. First off, your friend is very lucky to have you in their life, as you are displaying what it means to be a true friend by looking for support and help in unfamiliar situations to ensure your friend’s safety. Well done to you.
From what you’ve shared, it sounds like there is controlling behaviour happening in your friend’s mother’s relationship. In this situation, being a supportive listener for your friend and providing them with resources is essential. You can encourage your friend to have a conversation with their mother about how they feel about what is happening.
Your friend has the right to feel safe and protected in their own home and should not be subjected to standing for hours without being able to sit down as a form of punishment. They can find support and resources on websites like and Additionally, you can provide them with Childline’s contact details (, 1800 66 66 66), a free and confidential service where they can talk to someone about what is happening. Childline si open 24-hours a day, every day of the year.
We suggest discussing this situation with your parents or another adult you feel comfortable talking to, as they may be able to offer support for your friend when needed. Having trusted individuals around you can make it easier to face challenging situations. You may find some helpful information in this article
If your friend ever feels like they are in immediate danger, encourage them to contact emergency services at 112 or 999 without hesitation.
We hope the situation for your friend improves soon, and both of you get the support you need. Remember, you’re not alone, and speaking up is essential for change to happen. Thank you for being a supportive friend, and we hope this information helps you at this time.
Remember, you too can contact Childline at any time, for any reason. You have the right to support as well as your friend.
Take care of yourself, we hope to hear from you soon,

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