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I’m scared about my mom having Covid and dying, should I be worried about this?

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I am worried about my mum having covid and I’m worried she will die from it will she die and should I be worried?



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You say that you are worried about your mum having Covid and scared that she may die.  

We are sorry to hear you are carrying such great concerns. When someone that we love is not well, it is very normal that we become worried about them and scared about what might happen to them. 

It is important that we talk to someone when we are worried or scared. We encourage you to talk to someone in your family about how you are feeling. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your mum about her sickness, perhaps you can find another trusted adult in your life like an aunt/uncle, grandparent, a friend’s parent or a teacher in you school. They may be able to answer some of the questions you are having about your mum’s sickness, that is causing your worries.  

If you’re not yet ready to approach an adult in your life right now and you would like to chat with someone further, then you could contact Childline by phone on  1800 66 66 66, or through our web chat at Childline is here for you at anytime and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a free and confidential service. We are non-judgemental, and we will not tell you what to do, instead, we can help you explore what options may be available to you.   

We hope that you find this information useful and thank you again for making contact with Ask Alex.  

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